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Backups :: Network Attached Storage Solutions

Prices in:
Secure Online Archiving
All Online Archive/Backup Services come inclusive with:
  • Fully Redundant RAID-10 Storage
  • Onsite and Offsite copies for extra protection
  • FTP/SFTP Transfer and Access
  • Rsync/RDiff Backup options
  • IPBackup tool for Linux Servers
  • No Data-Transfer Limits
All backups are stored on our encrypted Petabyte Storage Area Network

NAS 10Gb Online Archive
Online Archive 10Gb
£20.00 Monthly

NAS 25Gb Online Archive
Online Archive 25Gb
£30.00 Monthly

NAS 50Gb Online Archive
Online Archive 50Gb
£45.00 Monthly

NAS 100Gb Online Archive
Online Archive 100Gb
£70.00 Monthly

NAS 250Gb Server Backup
Online Archive 250Gb
£125.00 Monthly

NAS 500Gb Server Backup
Online Archive 500Gb
£200.00 Monthly

NAS 750Gb Server Backup
Online Archive 750Gb
£225.00 Monthly

NAS 1000Gb Network Backup
Online Archive 1000Gb
£250.00 Monthly