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Has your old host ceased trading ? Has your website disappeared ? Email stopped arriving ? Being invoiced by the naming authority when you already paid a registrar ?

Don't Panic!

Astutium can help with the renewal / transfer / recovery of your domain, as well as providing any necessary parking / dns / forwarding / hosting for you.
One of our specialities is in helping clients rescue their domains from hosts, providers and registrars who are no longer trading.

There are many reasons to transfer your domain to Astutium including ...

  • Reduced cost renewal fees
    - better value for money
  • Need additional services
    - email and web forwarding, pop3 email hosting, professional e-commerce hosting
  • Rescue domains from dead
    - down or simply uncooperative hosts
  • Require a more professional service
    - real service from a real UK company, not some 12 year old with a reseller account
  • Centralisation of administration
    - one company to deal with, all your domains in one place
  • Add advanced hosting features
    - ASP, CGI, PHP, WAP, Ruby, Rails and SQL database support
  • Removal of those unprofessional banners
    - no footer links or pop-up advertisements taking your visitors away
  • No hidden fees
    - unlike registrars like 123-reg who charge 10+vat to leave !

We offer parking, email forwarding, web forwarding, pop3 email hosting, web hosting, developer hosting, reseller accounts and SSL e-commerce systems - see Internet Hosting Packages for more details.

How to retrieve your domain from a non-trading or unhelpful current host

Every day we deal with people who need to recover their domain from its current hosts - those that have ceased trading, disappeared, "done-a-bunk" or simply abandoned their customers, causing problems with domain names, email services, website hosting etc.
Astutium can help you recover your domain name(s) and put them to use again. Contact Us for domain name recovery help Company Table

We are aware that the following companies appear to have ceased trading ...
Sadly the list is now way to long to maintain :(

So called hosts and registrars (really just 'resellers' and 'affiliates' of other companies) spring up on a daily basis and fold just as quick as they've taken your money. Our advice is to do some research, dont just sign up because the headline price looks Cheap! because it will cost you more in the end.

If you have a domain or other services with any organisation and you are at all concerned about your domain's future, have it transferred to Astutium immediately.

Transfer Instructions

.UK - uk - Nominet Domains

We have spoken extensively with Nominet (the UK naming authority) , over the necessary steps to quickly move your domain name away from your existing hosts or to recover it from a bust/non-trading/vanished company.
To transfer your domain to Astutium from another registrar (including one who has ceased trading, does not respond or charges you to leave) you must ...

  1. Order the Domain Transfer at Incoming Domain Transfer
  2. Attempt to contact your existing host, by email , snailmail (letter) or fax, requesting that they change the IPSTAG of your domain to ASTUTIUM
    You should keep proof that you have attempted to contact them.
  3. Check if the TAG has been changed by doing a WHOIS search at Nominet WHOIS Tool
  4. If your registrar does not respond, has not made the TAG change within 48 hours, or if they try to charge for you moving the domain then contact Nominet on +44 (0)1865 332288
    Ask them to guide you through their process for forcing a TAG change (they make a small charge for this service of £10+vat but for 1 fee and 1 update you can recover ALL your .uk domains)

If everthing is in order with your domain and they are aware your host has stopped trading they will transfer it to us (or guide you through their online system for you to handle the transfer) immediately.

If there is a problem - for example the Registrant identity cannot be validated, or if your host is still active but being obstructive, then they will need you to validate your identity with them by fax

For more details on the Nominet TAG Change Process see

Any Questions? Contact Us

.com .net .org

As part of the transfer-in of gTLD domain names (.com, .net, .org) the domain registration period will be extended by 1 year. For example if your current domain would expire in 3 months time, after transfer to Astutium control it will expire in 15 months time (1 year later). You will be invoiced for one years registration extension at our standard rates.

The domain will not become active on our systems until the transfer process is complete. If you wish to use any of our services while the transfer is in progress, please contact us to arrange for the DNS on your domain to be updated.

To transfer your domain to Astutium from another host (including one who has ceased trading) you must ...

  1. Request a Tranfer by contacting giving as much detail of the domain to be transferred as you have ... at least the domain name :o)
  2. We interrogate the appropraite WhoIs systems to determine admin, technical and billing contacts.
  3. We contact the admin contact of the domain and ask to authorise the transfer.
  4. Assuming the admin contact authorises the transfer, there is a 9 day wait for the domain to become active on our servers.
  5. Once the transfer is complete the domain can be configured as if registered directly by Astutium.

Notes about the transfer process ...
  • The domain must have been registered for more than 60 days, and not be due for renewal within the next 40.
  • The current admin contact must be able to confirm the transfer.
  • The domain name must not be 'on hold' with the current registrar for any reason e.g. payment or renewal issues
  • If there is a problem - for example outstanding payments due on the domain, then they will contact us


For detailed instructions, or assistance in the transfer of your domain, please email and we will contact you.