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Hosted MS-Exchange 2007 With the Astutium Hosted Microsoft Exchange Mailbox service you enjoy the full power, collaboration and email facilities of Microsoft Exchange, without the outlay on a dedicated MS-Exchange and without the hassle of server administration.

Don't need the cost and overheads of MS-Exchange ? Astutium also offer internet standard email (POP3/SMTP/IMAP) mailboxes.

Why choose Astutium for your Microsoft Hosted Exchange Solution ?

  • Outlook Web Access - use your web browser to access outlook-a-like webmail
  • Outlook Mobile Access - access your mailboxes using your windows mobile devices
  • Outlook Desktop Access - free outlook software download for each mailbox
  • 2GB storage per mailbox
  • Advanced Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware scanning and spam protection
  • Spam prevention and protection
  • Optional real-time "Push" to your mobile.
  • Shared Calendars - make and check your appointments with colleagues
  • Shared Address Book - global company address list/book
  • Standard POP3/IMAP access for non-windows users (iPhone/Android/Blackberry)

from just £ 10/month/mailbox (min 5 mailboxes) Contact Us to discuss your Hosted MS Exchange mail / address-book and calendar requirements today.

Microsoft Exchange Enhancements also available:

Exchange Hosted Archive

Exchange Hosted Archive is a security-enhanced online repository that captures and retains external and internal e-mail, instant messaging, and Bloomberg messaging according to company policy. Access permissions enable various business functions to use the Hosted Archive for compliance-related activities. Organisations get archive storage capacity per user for upto a 10-year retention term. You may bring historical data into the archive for a one-time charge, which is priced per user per GB.
Forefront Online Protection for Exchange is required.
from £ 5/month

Exchange Hosted Encryption

Exchange Hosted Encryption is a policy-based e-mail encryption service that offers customisable policies based on users, keywords, character patterns, attachment types, and more to identify messages that require encryption.
Forefront Online Protection for Exchange is required.
from £ 2/month

Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange is a fully managed service that employs multiple technologies to help prevent spam, viruses, and phishing scams from reaching corporate networks and to help enforce corporate e-mail-use policies.
from £ 3/month