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How to upgrade a program installed with Softaculous?

Keeping your website applications up to date is extremely important.

New versions of common scripts are released on a regular basis, and these updates contain bug fixes and security patches.

Failure to apply patches and keep your applications updated means that you will get hacked and your site defaced/abused or deleted.

Regular maintenance is a critical part of your website/online-presence, and must not be ignored.

Astutium have made it as simple as possible to install, manage and upgrade over 200 applications with as little as 3 clicks through our Softaculous Script Installer which comes as standard on all hosting packages, and is available as an option for all virtual, cloud and dedicated servers.

How to upgrade an application/script/program that you previously installed using Softaculous

To upgrade software using Softaculous ...

  1. Log into your Hosting Control Panel
  2. If there are any patches/upgrades available
    • If using cpanel, you will see a message
      Softaculous 1 Update(s) available.
      within your cPanel Notices section. Click the updates available link.
    • If not using cpanel you can click "Installed Software" on the softaculous top menu and it will tell you about any updates available
  3. You will then see the script installations page, where any with available updates are shown.
  4. Next to the application / script / program / software you would like to upgrade, click the (IMAGE) upgrade icon.
  5. Take the option to create a backup BEFORE you perform the upgrade. To do this, tick the box next to Create Backup.
  6. Click the Upgrade button
  7. You will see a progress bar, and when the upgrade has completed, you will see the following message
    Congratulations, the software was upgraded successfully.


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